Trojan Horses
Collaboration with Florence Jung
Three window stickers, balloons, cocktail party
Edition of 100 signed Starbucks cups

For the opening exhibition of the new art space Trikot we installed the window stickers three weeks before the opening party. At the opening party, Trojan Horses (a cocktail consisting of half Guiness, half Coca-Cola) were served by baristas in Starbucks uniforms. The cocktails were served in an edition of 100 Starbucks cups, though the edition was not announced, and the cups were signed on the bottom. After the party, the window stickers were removed and the project was over.

Installation view Trojan Horses, Trikot, 2016

Cocktail party, Trojan Horses, Trikot, 2016

Trojan Horses Cup, Edition of 100. Photo: We Find Wildness