Astroturfs 1&2
Inkjet print on aluminum, 20cm x 30cm each

Two astroturfers found on craigslist were commissioned for 10 USD each to write fake yelp reviews on OLM space.

Astroturf 1 (craigslist Los Angeles):
This wonderful centre is well worth a visit. Not only does it offer many incredible works of art and treasures but the view is fabulous.
The building is incredible with amazing gardens and outdoor areas.

Astroturf 2 (craigslist Chicago):
OLM art gallery is amazing! There are stunning arrangements different artwork throughout the exhibit. Also, the portrait paintings are some of the most mesmerizing I have ever seen. The employees are very friendly and I appreciate all the attention they gave and the new renovations make the gallery highly recommend!

Exhibition view Astroturfs 1&2, OLM space, 2015

Astroturfs 1&2, inkjet print on aluminum, 20cm x 30cm each

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